Evernote Tags Explained

Tagging is Evernote’s way of organizing the content you’re adding to the notebook. Tags allow you enhanced search features beyond the basic search for specific words in yoiur notes or notebooks. This can be especially helpful in the process of dealing with audio notes and info that becomes harder to find as your notebook stacks grow. The premium options allows you much more flexibilty as listed in the following sections

Evernote effectively has unlimited tags, not completely unlimited but close. As of the writing of this book Evernote allows 100,000 tags per account. I don’t know about you, but I am not nor will I ever use that number of tags. So for all intents and purposes no normal human will ever use that number of tags. The key is to hone your process to find the number that really works for you.

Along with having nearly unlimited tags you can apply multiple tags to each individual note. You can make up to 100 tags per note. This allows you to classify information in multiple areas very effectively. My personal tendency is to use 2-3 tags per note. This is largely due to the amount of notebooks I have. What you have to work towards is a structure that fits what you’re capturing and the application.

Tk- Screen shot
Nesting tags
Say I have setup a 2014 primary tag, and I can then nest April 2014. I will then nest that tag for anything I collect in April 2014. Second I pick a project that I am working on, say a productivity guide for busy executives. I can place that in a executive consulting name tag and then place another tag under that tag for research. If I apply the research tag and the april 2014 tag I will be able to see my note both places under the tags that are applied to them in the side bar.
At first when you’re starting out you won’t see the value of doing this. However once you have been using Evernote for years your information will become unwieldy. I have been using Evernote for several years now. In the development of this book I have basically gone through and reviewed all of my notes, not in one sitting mind you, and applied appropriate tags. I am finding it much easier to find things that I really want to review again.

Another great application and one that I believe will really help is using template tags. If there are templates or notes that you recycle on a regular basis this can be a huge time saver. I do this for my daily productivity and habits. I will go over this with you in greater detail soon.

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How to organize

How you organize your tags will ultimately determine your effectiveness in your productivity. For me I am getting the point where tags are becoming really important. As I have dived deeper into Evernote I have learned that you are much better off using your notebooks to cover ideas that are more general in nature. The you’ll use tags to gain depth as well as hierarchical classifications and organization Example, I may have a general business notebook with a sub notebook about writing. From there I can have a notebook on writing. Within that notebook I have an individual note.
Each note could include some of the examples below:


1. Date information
2. Related business
3. Related project
4. Special tags for special information ex. ++ or +Template
5. Archive

Assuming I have set my structure for tags up correctly and nested them appropriately I will be able to find the notes from multiple different approaches.

If this was helpful or you have any questions please feel free to ask.