Four tips for dealing with difficult people

Four ways to deal with

If you have spent any time working in IT you will come across those people that are just difficult any time you interact with them.  Hopefully, the tips below can make those interactions just a bit easier to deal with. First seek to understand:   More than any other behavior I think this will serve you […]

5 Traits of effective IT leaders


With the level of access to both data and influence within an organization IT leaders should have all of these traits to be successful.  Every organization has a requirement for some level of technical expertise, but that skill is an ongoing growth that is required. Here are six traits that you or your  IT leader […]

3 productivity apps I use daily


We have all had them, those days where you just can’t seem to get things done.  You’re spending too much time on the internet or you seem to be jumping from task to task.  I wanted to share with you a few tools and techniques that really help me when I’m struggling to get work […]

80/20 Productivity


No analysis of productivity would be complete without at least a mention of the 80/20 principle. The premise is that each task or event or anything really adheres to the ratio that 20 percent of whatever you do renders 80 percent of the results. The biggest idea here is that you should do only thing […]

Evernote Tags Explained


Tagging is Evernote’s way of organizing the content you’re adding to the notebook. Tags allow you enhanced search features beyond the basic search for specific words in yoiur notes or notebooks. This can be especially helpful in the process of dealing with audio notes and info that becomes harder to find as your notebook stacks […]